Creative Services Group (CSG) is an award-winning graphic design and print agency with offices in Washington DC. Since 2015, CSG provides world-class freelance services that fit budgets and exceed expectations. CSG clients include over 50 companies and associations across various industries.


Jasen is the co-founder of CSG. He has 15+ years of experience working with clients including Hyatt, the Better Business Bureau, and the publishers of The Economist Magazine. Jasen resides in Virginia.

Violet is a marketing, design, and multimedia expert. Violet serves as a marketing and design consultant for some of the world's top brands including corporations and associations.

Dragomir has 25 years of design experience. He is known as a designer for the Sports Illustrated's Athlete of the Century Muhammad Ali and is a member of AIGA in New York City. 

Daniela holds a graduate degree in graphic design and is the in-house Adobe CC expert. She is a member of the American Institute for Graphic Arts in New York City and specializes in NGOs. 


Enna is an award-winning design and multimedia expert. Enna's experience includes working with several top brands including The Washington Redskins.